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Help unlock the potential of the team with the power of real time analysis

What is PASS Performance?

PASS Performance® is a powerful easy-to-use analysis tool combining the mobility, speed and touchscreen interaction of the iPad. It has been developed, tested and created by qualified UEFA and FA coaches and internationally recognised hockey coaches over the last three years, so we know that PASS Performance® is the best option for coaches who want to coach.

PASS Performance® has been created to work on your team in any environment that the common coach will find themselves. It will operate alongside the major systems of Focus x2, S20APP and any other video based system. The benefit of our app though is that you don’t need cameras or expensive systems to provide you with the information you need to back up your coaching decisions and get the best out of your players.

The benefits

  • Real-time statistical analysis
  • Live in-game stats
  • Profile player performances
  • Customise your own KPIs
  • Easily share your analysis
  • Benchmark performances and trends over time

Who’s using PASS Performance

Club badges

See the game

Because seeing is believing and timing is everything! The simplicity of PASS Performance® allows you to capture data on your team quickly at the touch of a button.

See your moments

Highlight the moments that really matter. Gain the insights that matter by quickly identifying key performance trends and game patterns.

See performance

Get better vision of every moment in the game. Take your real game analysis to the training ground with PASS Performance® touchscreen to touchline approach.

Unlock your teams Potential

Highlight the moments that really matter. Download the app now to gain a better understand of what’s happening, when it matters.