Pass Performance teams up with the Royal Russell School

Pass Performance has teamed up with the Royal Russell School in Croydon to implement an advanced sports analysis system, by combining live video feed and capturing data to generate advanced statistical analysis department.

The director sport at Royal Russell, Greg Thurstans is using the objective information generated by actual student performance . Removing subjective bias and informing the coaching process improves the player performance though valuable intervention and feedback. Matches can be coded live, coaches can be kept informed in real time. Video footage is available to coaches and can be shared with players at half time or post match.

Feedback and Analysis

Adding video to data makes a situation clearer and respects the different perspectives of both players and coaches. What was happening when a pass was missed, error occurred or heart rate spiked.

Developing a competitive cauldron

With technology, players are inspired to excel in a highly competitive training environments. This objective data can provide the catalysts to transform athletes into fierce competitors.

Benchmarking and Talent ID

Identifying and tagging a player’s metrics (possession, touches and turnovers) provides hard facts and evidence to help decide whether a particular trait or habitual skill helps the flow of the game. The metrics are an invaluable tool for both the player (to improve) and the coach (to inform) in their understanding of how they personally impact play and the overall game.



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